Ducky Dixon – Zombie Hunter Duck with Crossbow (Biker Version)

The Quacking Dead Ducky Dixon Daryl Dixon

Ducky Dixon is a true blue country grown southern boy. He lived a somewhat troubled childhood as a duckling on a farm somewhere in the South. (He doesn’t like to talk about it.) Ducky is often misunderstood and is constantly living in the shadows of his bigoted older brother, Mallard Dixon. Truth be told, deep down Ducky Dixon is the polar opposite of his brother.

Sure, he’s a [email protected]$$ but underneath that sleeveless leather angel wing biker vest and bad boy exterior, he’s also a sweetheart. The bottom line is this complex redneck ducky throws down when the zombies come waddling. He’s no fool. He knows hunting zombies with a crossbow is important because it’s quick and quiet, yet he often enjoys firing up his obnoxiously loud motorcycle and tearing through the backwoods of the American south. Sure he’s a little greasy and grimey. Yes he could use a haircut, too. Those are just some of his quirks that lead you to love him. The fact is when the duck poo hits the fan, Ducky Dixon has your back.


Product Details:

  • Ducky may, or may not, have been inspired by a favorite Character from The Walking Dead*. We’ll let you decide.  We can tell you  it’s been rumored that Ducky actually grew up a few houses down from Daryl and Merle Dixon.. . . but that’s never been verified.
  • Ducky Dixon measures approximately 4 inches long by 3.5 inches tall and 3.5 inches wide.
  • This zombie rubber duck features hand painted details that make him almost too adorable.
  • Each duck is lovingly painted by hand and made to order on an order by order basis.
  • Each duck will feature unique details. Although your purchased duck will look very similar to the photos shown here, please don’t expect an exact match with every detail. The pictures shown here are of previously purchased items. Anyway,  how boring would it be if all the ducks didn’t have their own unique minor variations?
  • Includes Certificate of Authenticity
  • Free shipping to U.S. shipping destinations (International Customers must contact us for a shipping quote prior to ordering)
  • Handmade: please allow up to 2 weeks for duck to be completed and shipped out.
  • The Quacking Dead rubber ducks are designed for collecting and display only and are not intended for use as a toy. Our ducks may contain small parts that may make them unsafe for young children and their paint can be damaged if they are handled roughly.
  • See our FAQ section for more info about our products and answers to many frequently asked questions.
  • Removable, repositionable crossbow inserts into a hole in Ducky’s back.

Painted details include:

  • Black sleeveless angel wing motorcycle vest
  • Dark jeans with red handkerchief in back pocket, j
  • Long hair,
  • Facial hair stubble
  • Just the right amount of grease and grime.


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*The Walking Dead TV show is a property of AMC. Copyright © 2010-2013 AMC Network Entertainment LLC. All rights reserved.

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