Zed – The Original Quacking Dead Zombie Rubber Duck

Zed the original quacking dead zombie rubber duck

Zed is the original The Quacking Dead zombie rubber duck. First listed at ZombieGift.com he spawned the entire The Quacking Dead line! Now you can own the original too!

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Zed’s Story: (Yes he’s a zombie rubber duck with a back story!)

Most people don’t realize this but rubber ducks are very curious critters by nature.  Long after your bath is over  and no one is looking, they like to waddle around the bathroom exploring.  Normally that’s not much of an issue but sometimes things can and do go very wrong.  Unfortunately our innocent little rubber ducky, Zed, was a little too mischevious and ended up getting into the bath salts that someone carelessly left out. Since they smelled so delicious, zed naturally ate some.  Unfortunately this turned him into a blood thirsty green zombie duck! We can’t handle having Zed and his companions around here anymore so you can adopt him as your very own. You’ll receive even receive a certificate of adoption and can choose your own name when he arrives!


Product Details:

  • Your purchase includes one (1) zombie rubber duck with Certificate of Adoption.
  • Each duck measures approximately 4″ long x 3.5″ wide x 3.5″ tall.
  • Each zombie duck is hand painted and features unique details
  • Free Shipping to U.S. destinations. (International customers can contact us prior to ordering for a shipping quote)
  • Since these are painted by hand on an order by order basis, please allow up to 2 weeks for your order to be completed and shipped.
  • Display Only: The Quacking Dead are intended for collecting and display only. Thgey are not intended for use as a toy.
  • Please refer to our FAQ section for more information about our products and answers to many common questions.


Each zombie duck is lovingly hand painted on an order by order basis. Although each duck will look similar to the photos shown here, no two are exactly alike.  Each of our zombie rubber ducks  has the same general features in the same general areas.  That being said, sometimes we take a little creative freedom and add a little more personality to a duck. It may feature more blood, an extra bullet hole or two or maybe even a bonus head wound at no extra charge! That’s what makes these zombie collectibles so unique!  The last photo here shows 3 rubber duckies. Please note this is only  to give you an idea of how similar,  and yet completely unique, each Quacking Dead zombie rubber ducky is. Your purchase includes one duck.

Each of these  members of The Quacking Dead family ships with an adoption certificate. Once your duck arrives simply fill in your zombie duck’s name, the adopting persons’s name and sign!  We wish you Good luck because you’re now  the proud new owner of a The Quacking Dead zombie rubber ducky. . . and you’ll NEED all the luck you can get! 😉


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