Teddy Bear Waddler – Zombie Rubber Duck

Teddy Bear Zombie Quacking Dead Duck

“Little Duck? I’m a police officer. Little duck. . don’t be afraid. Okay?”


This adorably gory hand painted zombie rubber duck is inspired by the amazing little girl zombie played by Addy Miller in The Walking Dead* Season 1 Episode 1: Days Gone Bye.

Would you have what it takes? Could you put down a little girl zombie duck?

You’re out on your own in the post zombie apocalypse world. You’re still clinging to the hope that survivors are out there…that civilization still exists. You hear a faint shuffling sound. You kneel down to take a peek under a car and your eyes gaze upon a set of small and fragile webbed feet in adorable, albeit dirty, plush bunny slippers. The feet come to a halt. The survivor stoops and picks up a filthy teddy bear in it’s wing. The poor little thing starts to shamble away and you call out to rescue her, “Don’t be afraid little duck. Okay? Little Duck. . .?”

The seemingly helpless duck stops, and slowly waddles around to face you. It is immediately clear this is not your average lost and helpless waterfowl. Her bunny slippers, teddy bear and pink bathrobe are all that remains of little girl that once lived in this empty feathery shell. Her mangled mouth drips and oozes with strings of hideous thick red blood. She quacks with a deep guttural call and starts to waddle toward you. Faster. Faster yet…getting dangerously close. You stumble backwards and wonder to yourself if you can do it. Do you have the guts to pull your service revolver from its holster and do the unthinkable? You’d better or you’ll be another victim of The Quacking Dead.

Zombie Rubber Duck Product Details:

This duck is a tribute to and was inspired by one of our favorite zombies from The Walking Dead TV show: The Teddy Bear Zombie. Also known by fans as “Teddy Bear Walker”, “Little Girl Zombie” and even “Bunny Slippers Zombie” this amazing zombie was played by the talented young actress, Addy Miller and was featured in a scene that got us hooked on this TV series right from the very start.

  • This zombie rubber duck measures approximately 4 inches long, 3 and a half inches tall and 3 and a half inches wide.
  • Each zombie rubber duck is hand painted and decorated.
  • Each duck is lovingly made to order by hand.
  • Each duck features unique variations and characteristics. Although your duck will look similar to the product photos shown here, please note these are hand painted. Minor variations in color and appearance are possible. The photos shown here are photos of previously purchased items.
  • Each duck includes a Certificate of Adoption/Certificate of Authenticity
  • The Quacking Dead zombie rubber ducks are not toys and are intended for collecting and display only. Our ducks may contain small parts that can come detached during play and present a choking hazard for children and pets.
  • See our About the Ducks and Frequently Asked Questions section for more information and answers to many common questions.
  • Free shipping is valid to U.S. shipping destinations only. (Interested international customers must contact us for a shipping quote prior to ordering: [email protected]


Painted Details Include:

  • Pink Bathrobe
  • Horribly Disfigured mouth with bloody details
  • Pink pajamas
  • Fuzzy Bunny Slippers
  • A Teddy Bear rests in the duck’s left “hand”
  • Just the right amount of stains, dirt, and grime


*The Walking Dead TV show is a property of AMC. Copyright © 2010-2013 AMC Network Entertainment LLC. All rights reserved.


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