Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are The Quacking Dead ducks safe for kids?

The Quacking Dead are intended for collecting and display only. While adorable, they are NOT intended to be used as toys.  Our zombie rubber ducks may contain small pieces that aren’t safe for children under 4 years of age. In addition rough play, squeezing etc. may scratch or damage the paint finish on some of our ducks.


2. I ordered my duck 3 days ago and still haven’t received any notice on shipping. Where is my product and when can I expect it?

Patience grasshopper! Remember each The Quacking Dead duck is painted by hand on an order by order basis. Once we receive payment for your purchase we begin making your own unique hand painted duck. The entire process takes time. Your duck’s finish needs to be completely dry in order for it to be safely packaged and shipped. While we may have a few ducks prepared ahead of time at times, we typically don’t maintain an inventory and complete each duck as it is ordered. We can often complete and ship orders within a few days, but expect an average order lead time of 1 week to 2 weeks or more during times of high order volume. At times necessary supplies are out of stock with our suppliers and this creates delays. In these instances you will be notified. You will receive a shipping notification email complete with tracking information when your purchase ships out.


3. How long does it take to paint each duck?

The time required to complete a duck varies based on the complexity of the duck that is ordered. Some can be completed in an hour or two and some take several hours of painting time. Keep in mind this doesn’t include necessary drying time between coats/layers etc.


4. Do you ship Internationally?

Yes we are willing to ship outside of the United States but unfortunately we usually CANNOT ship free to our international customers. Any customers interested in having their purchase shipped outside of the U.S. MUST contact us to request a shipping quote prior to ordering. We’ll then email with a shipping quote complete with shipping options and prices.  Afterwards we can email an invoice payable via Paypal etc.


5. How should I clean my zombie rubber duckie?

Typically wiping your duck with a soft dry or damp cloth is all that is required to remove dust or light dirt. If more aggressive cleaning is required, we recommend a very mild dish soap and water solution. Do NOT use harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners to clean your The Quacking Dead duck or damage might occur.


6. Are these ducks safe for display outdoors? 

We honestly aren’t sure! We will say The Quacking Dead are intended for indoor use only. While your duck may stand up to repeated outdoor exposure it wasn’t designed with outdoor use in mind. The sun and elements would likely fade and damage your duck over time.


7.  Do the ducks float?

Although not weighted, most of our ducks will float upright but this can vary depending on the design of the finished duck.


 8.  Can I commission you to paint a custom duck for me?

Sure! While we can’t guarantee we’ll be able to pull off what you want, we’ll do our best. Just contact us to tell us what you have in mind and to discuss pricing. Naturally custom ducks will likely be more expensive than our normal zombie rubber duck pricing.


9.  I’d like to order 10, 50 or 100+ Quacking Dead ducks for my store, event, website etc. Can I purchase bulk quantities?

We’re open to discussing wholesale/bulk quantities but keep in mind The Quacking Dead are painted by hand and bulk orders may require significant lead time. Contact us to inquire further.


10.  How are the ducks shipped with free shipping?

Free shipping will be via the shipping carrier and service of our choosing. Our free shipping is typically done via USPS Fist Class Mail but we alter this as needed. Sometimes we ship via Priority Mail etc.


11.  How do you process payment?

We currently accept payment via Paypal. When checking out you’ll be transferred to Paypal’s secure payment server gateway. We never even see your credit card or financial information. We simply receive funds and a notice that your payment was successfully received.


12.  Why do the prices vary? Why do some ducks cost more than others?

Our pricing is very fair when you consider we offer FREE U.S. shipping.  Our pricing reflects our cost to make each duck as well as the length of time each duck takes to make.  Some ducks require more materials and much more time to complete than others. Some ducks will also cost more to ship. This is why pricing may be slightly higher on some ducks.